Like the Android operating system, but better

Use our Android app to locate lost Bluetooth devices, visually manage them, and detect card skimmers, all in one beautifully designed mobile app.  

Locate Lost Devices

Add a device to Signils and use it to find paired devices.
Locate any unpaired devices.

Visually Manage Devices

Use images or icons to represent your device or upload your own.
Manually note the location of your devices.
Sort Bluetooth devices by Type.
Control streaming music.

Access Device Information

View multiple settings about your device including battery, services, and protocols.

Control Connection Behavior

Control how your device connects to other devices like car infotainment systems or hearing aids.

Detect Credit Card Skimmers

SignilsTM uses signatures of known good and known bad to help identify unknown devices.

Block Unrecognized Devices

Block unknown devices that you don't recognize so they can't pair to your device.

Signils - Better Management of Bluetooth and Locate Lost Devices | Product Hunt

Coming soon

We’re working on bug and stability fixes as a high priority.  

We added support for 10 languages and have plans for 9 more: Thai, German, Turkish, Filipino, Urdu, Malay, Italian, Vietnamese, and Hebrew. 

Popular Device Marketplace

See and buy the most popular Bluetooth devices that our users use.

User Registration

We're removing registration. More user data on Leaderboards, Statistics, and Marketplace.

Improved Battery Life

Improved Bluetooth automated on/off and intelligent charge control saves battery life.

Color Themes

Light/Dark mode sync'd to Android in free and millions of colors in the paid version.

In-app Phone Controls

Users will be able to make and accept calls and access their contacts.

Share the love

Invite friends to use Signils and earn rewards that you can use to unlock future features.

What People Are Saying


Lyle G.

Very well thought out by the dev, I use this app 3-4 times a day, everyday.with NO issues.. Thank you! 💯

Jerry V.

Very useful application! Would you recommend me to participate in the beta!? 😅

Eduardo C.

Ok 🙂

Piotr P.

Good app

Roch M.

I swear this is really cool, my bluetooth headset just disappeared a few days ago. for fun, this download goes round and round while looking for the signal and then it won't take long to find it

Ziefaw A.


Hassan B.

find devices that are not listed with my regular scanner 👌Good for me ...

Tina D.


Mohamed M.

Fixed audio problems between smartphone and car both in calls and streaming music.


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