Manage Bluetooth & Protect Your Android Device.

Detect credit card skimmers, locate lost Bluetooth devices, manage devices, and control your streaming music all in one app.  

Reasons to use Signils

Make managing, protecting, and finding Bluetooth devices on Android easier. Signils has been downloaded 79,000 times since its release on 3 September and rated an average of 4 stars.

Learn what devices are the most popular out of the 9,484 devices that have been added to Signils. 

For example:

  • 95 users have Airpods
  • 90 users have i7 True Wireless
  • 69 users have i12 True Wireless
  • 58 users have the Mi Smart Band 4
  • 46 users have the Mi Band 3

Available now.

01 — Detect Credit Card Skimmers

SignilsTM uses signatures of known good and known bad to help identify unknown devices.

02 — Block Unrecognized Devices

Block unknown devices that you don't recognize so they can't pair to your device.

03 — Locate Lost Devices

Add a device to Signils and use it to find paired devices. Locate any unpaired devices.

04 — Visually Manage Devices

Use our images or icons to represent your device or upload your own. Control streaming music.

05 — Access Device Information

View multiple settings about your device including battery, services, and protocols.

06 — Control Connection Behavior

Control if your device automatically connects to other devices like car systems or hearing aids.

Coming soon

We’re working on bug and stability fixes as a high priority. We’re also working on additional features to try and make Signils easier to use and understand. 

We added support for 10 languages and have plans for 9 more: Thai, German, Turkish, Filipino, Urdu, Malay, Italian, Vietnamese, and Hebrew. 

01 — User Registration

We're removing this requirement. We'll use a unique app ID instead. This means more users will participate in Leaderboards and Statistics.

02 — In-app ratings and reviews

Rate and review our app from the Signils interface instead of the Play Store.

03 — Color Theme

Users will be able to select a different colored theme -- using a color wheel. Infinite selections!

04 — Skimmer Classifications

New details will be added to the device details like "Good device" or "Unknown device" after we analyze them against our Skimmer logic.

05 — Bluetooth Device Ratings

See ratings from people that actually use these Bluetooth devices. No more fake reviews.

06 — Share the love

Invite friends to use Signils and earn rewards that you can use to unlock future features.

A little about Signils . . .

Our Android app helps you discover, manage, and locate Bluetooth devices + Beacons, iBeacons, Eddystones, and RuuviTags. 

. . . Our Team

We know a lot about Bluetooth and information security. We brought our experience in application design and wireless technologies to life with Signils. 

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