About Us

Signils supports a wide range of Bluetooth devices including headphones, microphones, speakers, hearing aids, peripherals like mice and keyboards, TVs, and automobile infotainment systems.    

Our app helps you discover and manage a wide variety of Bluetooth devices including Bluetooth (naturally!), Beacons, iBeacons, and RuuviTags. 

Our Team

We know a lot about security, technology, apps, and Bluetooth. We brought our years of experience in application security, technology, and design to life with our Android Bluetooth management app. You’re welcome and encouraged to contact us if you need help with our software. 

Josh Evard

Customer Experience Specialist

Steve R. Smith

Founder and CEO

Chris Clark

Sr. Technical Architect and
Business Analyst

Sherry Cummins

Cybersecurity and Technology Advisor

Brian Cummins

Security Analyst