Selectively Block and Unblock Devices

Block Unrecognized Devices

With Signils, you can block devices that you don't recognize so that they can't pair to or connect to your device.

You are able to block devices from three areas of the app: My Devices, the device itself, and Found Devices.

My Devices
The first area is My Devices. Select the three dots next to a device you wish to block. Then select "Block Device" and confirm your selection (My Devices ➟ Block). The device will be blocked and will no longer display in My Devices. Instead you can find it listed under Blocked Devices.

A Device
Here, you pick a device, click the three dots next to the device. Instead of selecting "Block Device", you can instead select View Details and investigate the device. Now, if you choose, you can block the device by hitting the red Block button (My Devices ➟ Your Device ➟ Device Details ➟ Block). The device will no longer be listed under My Devices. Instead you will find it under Blocked Devices.

Found Devices
In this case, you may have clicked the button "+ Add New Devices or Beacon". After the scan for a new device completes, you can select the three dots to get to the block action (Found Devices ➟ Random Device ➟ Block Device).

Other Features

Monitor and review multiple settings and pieces of information including connection status, battery levels, services, and protocols. Visually manage Bluetooth devices using icons, colors, and pictures.

In order to provide more transparency into what we're doing and why, I'm pleased to kick off a series of blog posts on our story and our app - Signils.

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This feature allows you to control if your device "auto" connects to other devices. You get to decide if you want to allow your smartphone or tablet to automatically connect to specific devices like car infotainment systems or hearing aides.