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Why Use Signils?

Access Device Information

Monitor and review multiple settings and pieces of information including connection status, battery levels, services, and protocols. Visually manage Bluetooth devices using icons, colors, and pictures.

Block Unrecognized Devices

See a device that you don't recognize? You can selectively choose to block that device - preventing it from communicating with your Android device.

Control Connection Behavior

Decide if you want to allow your smartphone or tablet to automatically connect to specific devices. Slide the button and the next time you get in your car, the handset won't transfer to the car.

Visually Manage Devices

Manage your Bluetooth devices with our visual user interface. Make use of colors, icons, manual locations, and other helpful features. Choose a picture of your device and upload it to the app.

Locate Lost Devices

Use our "I lost this device" slide button to toggle on the search function - just for one device. If you're looking for any device, simply use our broader search instead.

Detect Credit Card Skimmers

Use your smartphone or tablet's Bluetooth chip to scan and search for credit card skimmers that use Bluetooth to communicate back to the criminals that own them.