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One-Stop Bluetooth Application

Access Device Information

View multiple settings about your device that help you manage it. Monitor and review multiple settings and pieces of information including connection status, battery levels, services, and protocols. Visually manage Bluetooth devices using icons, colors, and pictures.

Block Devices (beta)

See a device that you don't recognize? You can selectively choose to block that device - preventing it from communicating with your Android device. Changed your mind? Unblock it.

Control Connections

Control how your device connects to other devices. Decide if you want to allow your smartphone or tablet to automatically connect to specific devices. Slide the button and the next time you get in your car, the handset won't transfer to the car.

Detect Card Skimmers (beta)

Identify devices that you don't recognize in your general area. Use your smartphone or tablet's Bluetooth chip to scan and search for credit card skimmers that use Bluetooth to communicate back to the criminals that own them. Our prop

Language Support

Local language support for Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

Locate Lost Devices

Use our "I lost this device" slide button to toggle on the search function - just for one device. If you're looking for any device, simply use our broader search mechanisms instead.

Locate paired (conditions apply) and unpaired devices.

Other Devices

Manage your Bluetooth devices with colors, icons, manual locations, and other helpful features. Choose a picture of your device and upload it to the app. Control streaming music services with SignilsTM.

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Visually Manage Devices

Use images or icons to represent your device or upload your own. Manage your Bluetooth devices with colors, icons, manual locations, and other helpful features like a battery monitor. Choose a picture of your device and upload it to the app. Control streaming music services with SignilsTM.

Statistics & Leaderboards

See what devices are being used by other people. Which are the most popular on our platform? You can also see who has and uses the most devices on Signils.

Support Other Bluetooth ​​

We support older versions of the Bluetooth protocol like Classic and newer versions like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). We provide backwards compatibility for older versions of Bluetooth.

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Your username is your email address. However, you can use a nickname to be displayed on the leaderboards instead of your real name.  

We support both BLE and Bluetooth Classic. 

When you’re in My Devices, click the blue button at the bottom that says “+ Add New Devices or Beacon”. That will start our discovery process. We will look for any devices broadcasting a Bluetooth signal (Bluetooth, Beacons, iBeacons, Eddystones, or Ruuvitags). You pick the device you want either pair (Bluetooth) or favorite (Beacons) and add to My Devices.

When you’re in My Devices, simply click anywhere in the bar that represents a Bluetooth device. Signils will then attempt to connect to the device. If it’s Bluetooth and it’s on, it should be successful. If it’s not on, it will timeout. If the device is a Beacon, iBeacon, Eddystone, or Ruuvitag, you can’t connect to it like you can a paired device.

You can click the three dots (“…”) in My Devices to access the menu. Available to you are these actions: Block Device, Locate Lost Devices, View Details, Delete Device.

You can change the behaviour of how some devices “auto-connect”. For example, if you don’t want to auto-connect to a car infotainment system or hearing aides, simply make sure that the button is off. 

You can also trigger the Lost Device tracking here by sliding the button “I lost device”.

You can also manually set a location where you leave this particular device. For example, “Bookshelf”, “Kitchen”, or “Home Office”.

If you want, you can also either Block this device or Delete it. 

Clicking the three dots (…) will bring up a menu at the bottom of our app.

This menu gives you the ability to Block, View Details, Locate a Lost Device, or Delete a Device.

We use signal strength of broadcasting devices to track down your lost device. You can trigger this functionality by:

1 Using the menu in My Devices (select the three dots “…” and then pick “Locate Lost Devices”)

2. By reporting the device “lost” on device details.

3. Locate someone else’s device or a device you haven’t paired by Adding a New Device and then selecting the three dots “…” like you do in My Devices and picking “Locate Lost Devices”.

Signils can only find devices that are turned on and are broadcasting a signal. Unfortunately, we simply can’t find devices if they’re powered off.

Devices do not have to be paired for us to find them but they do need to be added via Signils.

At this point in time, we have a database of characteristics we can use to identify Bluetooth enabled credit card skimmers. We use a combination of Class-of-Device, Device Name, Bluetooth Chip Manufacturer, and MAC Address. 

As people use our app, we keep a profile of known good devices and continue to compare that to known bad. As we profile more known good devices, we can have a better feel for when something might be dangerous. 

Bluetooth card skimmers will typically only be installed on gas pumps and maybe ATMs and Point-of-Sale systems.

Note: you need GPS enabled and an Internet connection to detect skimmers.

Basically, Blocking unpairs a device but our app remembers basic information about the device so that when if you need to reconnect it, some of that information isn’t lost.

You can see devices that you’ve blocked devices in the Blocked area of our app (Menu → Blocked Devices).

The leaderboard is the list of people rank ordered by the number of Bluetooth devices they have added to Signils.

We can tell you:

  • Type of device
  • Services
  • Protocols
  • MAC Address
  • First Seen
  • Last Seen

We keep track of very basic information for you – when devices were paired or connected and deleted from our app. 

Our app should be able to see any broadcasting device, regardless of Class-of-Device or the Device Name. In other words, even if the Class-of-Device is “uncategorized” or Device Name is “default”, “unknown”, or “unnamed”. 

We also specifically support Beacons, iBeacons, Eddystones, and RuuviTags. 

Anything that your Android device can connect and/or pair with normally. Our app has been tested with a variety of headphones, smartphones, car infotainment systems, TVs, keyboards, mice, and game controllers. 


Since many people might control their Bluetooth devices while using our app, we wanted to provide support for people to play music from either local or streaming audio sources.

Although many more may work, we can confirm that we have tested support for the following music apps:

Amazon Prime Music (streaming)
Deezer (streaming)
Google Play Music (streaming)
LiveXLive (streaming)
AIMP (local)
BlackPlayer Free (local)
Musicolet (local)
Phonograph (local)
PlayerPro (local)
PowerAmp (local)
Pulsar (local)Deezer (streaming)

We made a decision not to include song titles and tracks because it restricts the number of players we can support.

Amazon Prime Music (streaming)
Deezer (streaming)
Google Play Music (streaming)
LiveXLive (streaming)
AIMP (local)
BlackPlayer Free (local)
Musicolet (local)
Phonograph (local)
PlayerPro (local)
PowerAmp (local)
Pulsar (local)Deezer (streaming)

When we implemented song titles and tracks in Signils, we discovered that it significantly reduced the number of music players that would work. When we removed them, it opened up the ability to support many more players.

In the future, we may go back to supporting only specific players so that users could actually start music from Signils.

We keep track of “popular” devices, “popular” device types, “popular” beacons, temperature records (from Ruuvitags), most lost devices and the most found devices.


The logic for skimmer analysis is actually in our cloud infrastructure because we need the ability to update, view, and modify our signatures. That’s why the app needs a connection to the Internet. We also want to be able to scale the detection capabilities because we expect to continue to see many “known good” devices added to Signils that we will profile and use in our detection engine.

We are changing some ways the app is designed so that we can provide the app for free to download and then we’ll make it unrestricted for a period of time (probably 30 days) and then will require an upgrade to premium in order to unlock it. Our intent is to keep the app free to download while we work on it.

We must monetize our app because we have a lot of development costs we’ve incurred in the last 9 months. We will continue to incur additional costs as we fix bugs and add new features and work on usability issues.

On our possible roadmap are: supporting the management of WiFi connections, WiFi security, and RFID security. We also want to build a similar app for iOS.

We continue to work on developing features that require their association with a particular user account. For example, the current leaderboard and statistics information system is associated with the information we get from our users. Statistics don’t display nicknames or usernames. 

We are looking at alternatives like using your device ID to identify you instead of requiring registration. We would also provide a random nickname that you could then change.

We will likely change the app so that it is completely unrestricted for 30 days and then it would lock until you upgrade and unlock it with an in-app purchase.

I wish we could provide the app entirely for free but we had a lot of development costs to produce Signils and we’ll continue to incur costs to resolve bugs, usability issues, and introduce new features.

We pull the highest temperatures and lowest temperatures and display them in the Statistics when people own and use RuuviTags. 

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