The 2020 Practical Guide to Bluetooth

Signils is providing the complete guide to Bluetooth to help you learn more about this commonly used and extremely popular wireless technology. No, this is not your Father’s Wi-Fi.

Locating Lost Devices with Signils

Locating Lost Devices with SignilsTM Locating Lost Devices via My Devices (find a paired device or beacon)   1.  In My Devices, click the three dots “…” to the right of the detected device. That action will bring up a menu that will enable you to either Block the device, Locate Lost Device, View Details, or Delete […]

Managing Devices with Signils

Managing Devices with SignilsTM Adding Bluetooth or Beacon devices   First, Signils will display any device that has already been added to Android via the operating system.  1. To add a new device, click the button at the bottom of My Devices that reads, “+ Add New Devices or Beacon” to start the process.  2. Wait […]