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Access Device Information

Monitor and review multiple settings and pieces of information including connection status, battery levels, services, and protocols. Visually manage Bluetooth devices using icons, colors, and pictures.

Detect Credit Card Skimmers

If you’re using this functionality from My Devices, we’ll display all found devices along with the appropriate icon describing what we found. For normal devices, you’ll see a regular icon. If we detect an unrecognized device, we’ll display a yellow caution symbol. detect a credit card skimmer, we’ll display a hacker icon. We will then use the GPS location of your device to display the hacker icon on the map.

Control Connection Behavior

This feature allows you to control if your device “auto” connects to other devices. You get to decide if you want to allow your smartphone or tablet to automatically connect to specific devices like car infotainment systems or hearing aides.

Visually Manage Devices

Manage your Bluetooth devices with our visual user interface. You can upload pictures of your device, save them, and then use them as a visual reference. When you don’t make use of this feature, we instead use colorful icons to represent different device types.

Block Unrecognized Devices

With Signils, you can block devices that you don’t recognize so that they can’t pair to or connect to your device.

You are able to block devices from three areas of the app: My Devices, the device itself, and Found Devices.

Locate Lost Devices

Our app has the ability to help you find your lost Bluetooth device using our device locator functionality. Our application has multiple areas in our user interface designed to help you locate your lost Bluetooth device. If your headphones, earbuds, or fitbit, are still powered on, we should be able to help you find them.

The New Bluetooth Standard in 2020

The New Bluetooth Standard in 2020

Bluetooth 5.2 was announced in January 2020 and will bring many new features that promise to change our Bluetooth experiences forever. From LE Audio, faster connection, improved security, and direction finding to long-range BLE beacon technology – Signils brings the new Bluetooth standard closer to you.

What’s the Difference Between Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

What’s the Difference Between Classic and BLE?

If you are about to launch a Bluetooth utilization or development project, it is essential to know the difference between Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy. The naming conventions have changed and are causing confusions to this day. Signils explains in this article all the similarities and major differences in features between these two Bluetooth technologies.

Types of Bluetooth Attacks in 2020

Types of Bluetooth Attacks in 2020

Signils is bringing Bluetooth technology closer to you. It is one of the most utilized forms of wireless communication, and its range of connectivity is on the increase. With a simple directional antenna, cybercriminals can extend Bluetooth discoverability for over one mile and gain access to your device to steal sensitive information. Find out more about types of Bluetooth attacks in 2020 and see which precaution you could take to prevent them.

What Does Bluetooth Do

What Does Bluetooth Do

We have all used (or at least heard about) Bluetooth – the standard method in data transfer. Let’s take a dive into the technology to find out more about what it is, types of Bluetooth technology, how it works, and where it is applied. Did you get a pair of cool, new headphones? Signils helps you understand the technology that allows you to connect them with your smartphone and listen to your favorite artists.

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